About Us

For the past eight years, Dabworks has consistently catered to the individual and wholesale needs of dab fans looking for something different, Heady, and affordable around the West coast and beyond. We currently serve more than 300 stores and our catalog boasts a diverse collection of smoking accessories, quartz nails, custom handmade glass, and so much more. We also carry a plethora of imported and high-end quartz. We are dedicated to providing QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE.  We are a small family run company and put our all into providing you a quality experience. Because WE KNOW that when YOU WIN..... everybody wins!

Do you have a product you would like us to carry? Are you innovative? Awesome to work with? Perhaps we can work together!!!

Currently, Dabworks is in over 300 stores across the United States and we continue to grown with the constant efforts of our sales force.

We are currently based out of Mendocino County California, and ship fast and discreetly so shop at ease. See the pride we put into making sure you have the best experience. 

 Feel Free to contact us with any questions!

Errl (707) 972- 9712